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Our Story

The Lawrence Family, creators of Covered CubsThe idea for Covered Cubs came shortly after my husband and I had our twin girls. We are a military family who at the time were living in Okinawa, Japan and were also soon to be 1st time parents. There’s so much joy to find out you’re expecting a child, but the day we found out there were TWO, we were excited but also nervous. I grew up in a large family and spent plenty of time with babies, but there’s still fear that comes when the child is YOURS, and the weight of that responsibility is Oh so real!

We did NOT underestimate parenthood. It is hard, especially when all you want to do is nurture & protect your children. 

When I’ve been out alone with our girls, there have been many times strangers (loving the idea of not just one baby but two) would touch them. GASP! This contact was possibly putting my babies health at risk and in the long run giving them the wrong message about strangers and boundaries. After conversing with other moms I saw the common strand of being silent out of wanting to be nice. In doing so we are possibly compromising our child’s health and our right to protect them.

Realizing the daily challenges parents face, we wanted to create a brand that embodies our protective instincts, assists parents in establishing boundaries, and promotes a safe environment for children to be healthy, happy, educated, protected, and loved!

While our infant/toddler product line is still growing, it currently consists of 'Rep Our Brand' attire that’s cute, comfortable, & affordable clothing along with handmade accessories. We also have our 'You think it, we say it!' items with a uniquely designed message, including baby car seat tags.

We are looking forward to expanding and reaching many families by…“Helping Parents Protect their Pride.”

Tiffany Eve Lawrence
Mommy & Founder