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The day IT WASN'T ENOUGH...Three things to remember for in home child safety!

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How many times a day (especially for stay at home moms) do we have to put down one task to do another? You're in the middle of cooking and one child falls and hurts themselves. So you step away from chopping an onion, or a hot pot to tend to them. Or you get a delivery while scrubbing a toilet, and put the bleach on the floor to answer the door. These are realistic scenarios and could happen to anyone. It's so easy to get distracted! Trust me as a mom of twin 2 1/2yr olds, distraction is my life because they are extremely active and sometimes in different areas of the house, I can easily be pulled in opposite directions. And even if they are playing together one of them inevitably ends up crying!

So as stated on the home safety check list, I try and make sure to keep all products that could be 'poisonous if ingested' up high or in a locked cabinet. In my house, when it's time to clean, I have to make a trip to the laundry room (this door stays closed) and reach up high over our washing machine to grab my products. Job well done right? Of course! But one day, that wasn't enough...

It's a normal part of our routine. They sit on 'their' potties while I stand and wait, then clean them and afterward, clean their potties. While I'm standing there, my mind is on a list of things that needed to be done. On this particular day one of them made a poopy mess! While they were still sitting I went to grab the bleach cleaner. I was planning to thoroughly clean them, then send them to play while I got to the potties. But something happened. I forgot to grab a cleaning wipe to use on the seats, so I sat the bleach on top of the toilet (thinking they would stay seated) and went to grab the wipe. I came back to find my daughter holding the bleach. She had just grabbed it and the nozzle was locked on off, but she was HOLDING it!

My brain is SPAZZING, and I don't even think that's a word but it's exactly how I felt! My thoughts? 

How did she stand up & grab it so FAST!?

Did she lick it?

I thought I told them not to touch it!

OMG what if it wasn't locked??

We not only take preventative actions to keep our children safe, we try and teach them to stay away from potentially dangerous objects and the harm it can cause them. But guess what! Sometimes, when the opportunity presents itself, CURIOSITY WINS!  

From that experience I learned 3 important things to remember during daily activities with my children:

1. Focus on the what's in front of you

Naturally we tend to go over our to do list in our heads almost every few minutes if not seconds. I'm even thinking of a couple things on my list now :) But we must be present. 

2. Stand still

When there are multiple things going on at one time, stop moving, take a breath and do one of them.

3. Prioritize

Our children are first, which makes safety first! So whatever it is that's pulling on your attention, before you walk away, do a visual safety check...EVERY time.

Unfortunately even though we spend so much time and energy taking preventative measures, it only takes a few seconds for something horrible to happen. So yes! You've baby proofed & kid proofed your home, but don't forget to slow down & focus to avoid mistakes that could be potentially harmful to our babies!

Can you relate? Have you had a moment when 'It Wasn't Enough'? Share your experience with us in the comments below.