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WAIT!! They're in Kindergarten already? 5 Ways to let go without letting go!

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I have one more year left til my kids start kindergarten (or T-K in their case) and it scares the mess out of me! I know I’ll be one of “those” parents. Running a FBI worthy background check on the school, each teacher (not just the ones in my kids class), and even trying my best to spot any kid who hits my radar of having potential bully tendencies.

See this is a BIG STEP!!

It will be the first time having my kids away from me for more than a couple hours a day, consistently. And yes, I will enjoy having a few free hours to SLAY some of that TO DO list, but who am I kidding? I’ll be thinking about them. Are they safe, is their food small enough to prevent chocking, how well are the adults REALLY WATCHING my kids, and can I trust these teachers?

(This image literally CRACKS me up! Yep! This will be me)

If you ask me as of today if I’m ready…HECK NO!! So thank God it’s not time yet. But I know my concerns won’t go away. I will still be the same Lady Lioness with mommy trust issues in a year. But I have a lil more time to get adapted to the idea. Some of you on the other hand are facing this anxiety RIGHT NOW. Yep, it’s time to release your lil cubs from the den. But who says just because they aren’t nestled up under you that you have to totally let go? So what you don’t see them 24hrs a day anymore! That doesn’t mean your right to care is taken away. Hold onto your babies as tight as you need/want to so that you know they are protected!

So unless you’ve decided to home school then here’s 5 things you can do to ease your anxiety.

5 ways to let go without letting go!

1. Be a “Pop Up” Parent

Find random times to come and see your child. And don’t announce yourself or allow yourself to be seen right away. This will give you a realistic view of what goes on in your child’s class.

2. Ask Away

Any question you have for the teacher, TA, principal or staff that will reflect the safety and education of your child should be answered to your satisfaction. After all you are trusting these people and the facility with YOUR kids.

3. Get on their level

Try and see your kids interaction & surroundings from their personality and perspective. It helps to understand how your child’s temperament is effected when they can’t always verbalize it. But don’t underestimate your kids ability to communicate. Be frequent and thorough when you’re asking your child questions about how their day has been.

4. Play Along

Do your best to participate in school programs, parent days, field trips, and projects. These will be AWESOME memories for your kids and will further show their school how important your child is to you.

5. Trust YOU

If you EVER, EVER, EVER have an uneasy feeling about something that may have happened to your child, address it. Here's some examples: If your child has an unexplained bruise, they have started to be extremely quiet, they seem scared or really DON'T want to go all of a sudden. There are other situations but the ONE thing you must do is TRUST YOUR GUT!

This transition is a big deal for us moms AND our kids. And even though they will be transitioning all through life this one ain't easy...because they are still so small and cute and innocent. So I get it. Use these tips to help ease your anxiety and really know that your child is in good hands. And who cares what "they" say about you?? It's the best way to let go without really letting go ;)