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Mommies...Breakdown or Breakthrough? When my toddlers locked me outta MY HOUSE.

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This mommy thing can get hectic and downright crazy! As a matter of fact those two words start to feel like your 'normal'. Anything else seems weird! Am I right??

So on one of my typically crazy days, I was parked in the garage with my two toddlers and a van full of groceries. Here's the routine...

Take the kids out, unlock the door, make sure they are inside and taking off their shoes while I run to turn off the alarm. Then, they play in their room while I unload the van. 

Got it? So follow me on this one. On one of my trips through the house heading back to the van, I peek in on them and they are quietly playing in their room. After grabbing a couple bags I get to the door and turn the knob to come back inside, but it's a no go. Ok, it must be me. I put down the bags and try again, still nothing. Then I hear it, giggling and tiny feet scurrying by the door! They KNOW not to touch this door, when did they learn to actually LOCK it? 

I go straight to panicking. I'm talking crazy eyes, banging on the door, yelling for them to open it but I'm really scared that it won't happen and I'll be STUCK! I'm freaking out because I don't know which lock they turned or if they can even undo it without mistakingly locking the other. So while mommy is in a frenzy, they start screaming and running away...I'm guessing to hide in their room where they know they were supposed to be in the first place! I can't blame them. A screaming mom would have scared the crap outta me too if I were a kid. So I stop.

This is when I start to think and take in what's actually going on... 

After everything I just did, NOTHING about this situation has changed! I'm still locked out, the kids are still alone in the house, and its even worse because I've scared them away from being able to help me. So I take another approach. After quieting myself and taking a few deep breath's, I kindly call for them. After they come back to the door I gently tell them that they have locked mommy out and I need them to help me get back in. 

Them: "You need me to help you?" 

Me: "Yes, please unlock the door so mommy can come inside."

Them: "Ok mommy, I help you!"

I coach them through the locks (75% of me believed I would be stuck in the garage), but after a couple of minutes I hear the beautiful sound of the click and open the door. I can't describe the relief.

Now hear's what I learned:

Kids are FAST lol! But I'm sure you know that ;)

Most importantly, although my kids did something they were not supposed to do, my response only caused them to run from me with the problem still remaining. And YES, in my mind my tantrum was justified, but it didn't help the situation. It made it worse! What would I have done if I were stuck outside with no keys or cell phone, separated from my 3yr olds, and my husband almost an hour away, ugh!

Reality check! We can't control every moment, but we CAN control how we respond to it. As they grow and problems come up, I don't want my "FRENZY" to cause them to run away from me and "Lock Me OUT" rather than coming to me & getting help. So the next time your kids do something that makes you want to lose it, take your minute to woosahh ;) This can mean the difference in you having an open door to reach them or being locked out!