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5 ways to keep your baby BREATHING! (SIDS Awareness month)

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(SIDS) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year old.

Parents fear it. Doctor's can't explain it. There is no medical cure for it. But you CAN take measures to protect your baby and keep them breathing.

1. Don't have "THEM SYNDROME"

I'm sure you haven't heard those two words put together like that, but at some point you've subconsciously done it! "THEM SYNDROME" is when you see or hear about something bad happening to a child or family. You feel sorry for them right? But you don't think of it as happening to you or someone you care about. 
The last thing you want is to know that you could have prevented tragedy if only you had listened, took it seriously, and taken actions to keep your baby safe.

2. Less STUFF, more AIR

If you received PLENTY of gifts before having your baby, I'm pretty sure it included crib bedding, stuffed animals, cute quilts, fluffy pillows and such! SMILE and say THANKS! But you won't need to use those things for a while. Put a fitted sheet on the crib and that's it! If you're concerned about them being too cold, dress them in a cozy onesie that covers them from neck to toes. Even though there's just a fitted sheet there, don't worry, your baby will be comfortable with all that space to stretch out...and breathe.

3. No Sleep Rolling

It can be a battle once your baby has learned how to roll over. They may do it at night as well. It's natural because they are learning. But since the best sleep position for them (to prevent SIDS) is on their BACK, you need to keep them there. If they are in this phase but don't yet know how to roll back to being face up then they will
need you to keep an extra eye on them. Here's a product that helps with that called Reste. It fits flat to the sheet and comfortably straps baby in while they sleep! 


After having our babies we DID NOT sleep in our bed for 6months. We wanted our kids comfortably in their own cribs but we wanted to be close enough to keep an eye on them. So we slept on a big comfy futon in their room. It's called ''room sharing". It's highly recommended over "bed sharing." Some parents have their babies crib in their next to their bed. Either way, this removes the possibility of rolling over on them, or baby suffocating from your pillows or bedding. Especially when they are too small to lift their own head. I know we want to keep our babies close, but this is how we do that AND keep them breathing!


Make sure that ANYONE who will be caring for your baby is practicing these same sleep safety steps! This starts with BOTH parents being on the same page. Next you want to make sure that other family members, babysitters and daycare providers (if this applies) are also taking it seriously and handling your baby the way that you would. 


Don't second guess your instincts. This is YOUR baby!! Check on them while they are sleeping as much as you want. You are not crazy for doing it. You are careful, aware, loving and protective!