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7 Must Do's if your kids have PEANUT allergies

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I know my daughter loves to eat! 

When she and her sister were newborns, she was my alarm clock for feeding time. This girl whined ON SCHEDULE! And that's fine. I've never thought twice about her healthy appetite... until she stuffed my peanut butter cookie in her mouth when I stepped out of the room for a few seconds

When I came back around the corner she looked funny. Not the haha funny, the weird funny. Her look was from guilt and discomfort. She was biting her lip. My response was, "Next time ask mommy first. Now have a seat."

A few minutes later I saw it...

Her lip was swollen, and then I knew. That allergy beast was going to be a part of our lives!

Needless to say I never left peanut butter ANYTHING around them, and we changed our lifestyle and habits to protect our kids. 

March is National Peanut Month, and while others are slathering peanut butter on their bread for those YUMMY sandwiches, here are:

7 Habits to change if your kids have peanut allergies!

1. Have your child tested.

Here's an example of the small injection type of allergy test.

Here's an example of the small needle prick type of allergy test.

You NEED to know the severity of their allergies. Some allergies are SO BAD, that the child cannot be in the same room with them. By having them tested you will know the boundaries that you need to set to protect your cub! There are two types of tests. A topical skin rub and needle prick. They can be scary, but assure your child that you are right there with them!

2. Keep an EpiPen with you.

Hopefully you'll never have to use it, but the LAST thing you want is to NEED it and not have it. If you have a sitter or family member watching your babies, give them instructions of where it is AND how to use it. Make sure you are totally comfortable with their understanding of your child's allergy severity before you leave!

3. Find out allergy procedures at their school/daycare

ASK & INSIST! Do NOT blindly trust that just because they care for kids that their procedures are perfect. Find out if they are a peanut free facility, and if not, how do they protect the kids with allergies. If you want ANY special accommodations...ASK. You never know, it may be a great safety idea that they may not have previously considered.

4. Tell your "village" & remind everyone at gatherings

Peanut allergies are a BIG DEAL. Make it a point to share this information with your friends and family. This includes anyone who spends time with your immediate family or around your children. And don't hesitate to remind them. Especially during holiday cookouts, parties, and basically any type of gathering where there is a variety of food laid out and plates full of good grub being passed around. These people are not just your village, they are a part of helping you protect your PRIDE!

5. Teach your kids about their allergies

"It sucks that you can't have peanuts, but if you eat them they' ll make you feel sick & yucky."

That's pretty much how my reminders would go so that my kids are fully aware that they should stay away from peanuts. And it works. However it doesn't stop them from TRYING to get a bite out of any yummy snack they see... So their way of asking for some is, 

"Mommy, does that have nuts in it?"

You get the picture. Still greedy, but more careful! :)

6. Don't allow them to accept food from people without permission

Food is exciting! Especially when kids see cool snacks that their friends or someone else is eating. But this is a good practice not only to prevent an allergic reaction, but also to know that a your kid won't be enticed by candy from a stranger, or possibly choke on a grape that another kid has given them and you're not aware. Make SURE you make it a standard that they have to ask you FIRST.

7. Revamp your pantry

Yep! After all this, kids can STILL be sneaky. If your kids love to eat as much as mine, you may need to put ANY items with nuts higher up in your pantry. Make it totally out of their reach. This is especially important if they are younger and don't fully understand that it can make them sick! 

And let's just be real, if you, your spouse, or ANYONE in the house is very forgetful about putting things away, you may need to have a NUT FREE home for a while! 

Peanut allergies are so common now, but their severity varies from child to child. What matters most is that you create habits that will protect YOUR baby, and be consistent about it!

Comment below about your experience with allergies in general and how you keep your cubs safe!
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